Should I pay a professional for writing my CDR? Is it worth it?

A professional competency demonstration report is one of the most crucial aspects any aspiring engineer who wishes to migrate to Australia for better work opportunities.

A CDR report consist of four main sections:

1. Resume: a curriculum vitae that entails all your information such as bio, qualifications, experiences, references, proficiency and skills.

2. Continuing professional development: This should follow your current position, learning, any workshops attended, conferences and meetings held and your experiences and learning from each one of them.

3. Critical career episodes: 3 such episodes spanning in your career that can easily put out the capabilities and skills that you think are needed in the new country.

4. Summary: a cited document that cross references your episodes and creates a valid conclusive nutshell crux of everything written in the report.

Therefore mentioned four sections have their own unique requirements and requisite of fulfillment. The migration skills assessments booklet states that every section should follow a set format and word length. Often a lot of applicants are unable to understand and curate a report that falls in line with the requirements, rules and guidelines. This can also happen because a lot of pressure is built in to make the report as perfect as possible. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of applicants fail to meet the cut and proceed further with their application process. To know further about CDR, you can contact CDR Writing Service.

Applications can be rejected due to several reasons which include but are not limited to:

• False documents.

• False references.

• Inaccurate experience details.

• Inadequate career episodes.

• Wrong formats.

• Wrong language.

• Over description.

• Over exaggeration.

• Repetitive incidents and not following MSA guidelines.