What makes WriteMyCDR different from other similar service provider?


So, you need help with your CDR but you are not sure about which of the many companies that offer this kind of services can really guarantee you the best results. Here is a post that will highlight the factors that make us unique in the field, and the reasons why choosing WriteMyCDR is your best bet.

We have the expertise

Our Company isn’t just a person or a small group of people who prepare any kind of CDR. We are a diverse team of professional technical writers who all have actual experience in a specific engineering field. The cases are assigned to the right people depending on the ANZSCO code so that Chemical Engineers prepare chemical engineering CDRs, Telecommunication Engineers prepare relevant cases, etc. That way we can ensure that the content of the career episodes contains technical details that showcase expertise and in-depth knowledge, instead of filling in the elements of competency with generic claims.

We have the experience

we have succeeded in sending over five hundred engineers to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This number is not only indicative of our experience but also a sign of our dedication in what we do. This experience has given us the tools to understand the actual assessment requirements, the common pitfalls that aren’t mentioned in guidance booklets, and how to succeed in the first try.

We are open

while others can only claim high success rates and expertise, we are able to prove it through our own openness. We have active social network communities where our clients can confirm our claims, and we put their feedback on the forefront as the best proof of what we do. Moreover, we are completely transparent in what we do and we regularly post guides and tutorials analyzing our advanced methodologies on our website for everyone out there to read. We are not afraid of strengthening our competitors through these articles, as we believe that sharing expertise should be a fundamental value of the engineer and the scientist in general.

We are reliable

we are the only company that offers a 150% money back guarantee in the case of a rejection of your case. This is how confident we are, and this is the pure reflection of our confidence in the level of our service quality. That doesn’t mean that we will do whatever we want or we believe that is right without any regards to your opinion or wishes. We respect our clients and we listen to all claims that they make, trying to cover all of the special needs and requests while also fully meeting the requirements for a successful assessment.