5 CDR Mistakes That Engineers in Australia Are Often Found To Commit

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document required by Engineers Australia to evaluate your qualification and competency. So, the candidates need to present a superior-quality CDR report to the Engineers Australia authorities to demonstrate their skill-set in their chosen professional field. But even if you are eligible to get through, it’s natural to make mistakes. And these mistakes can ruin your chances to pursue a successful career in “The Land of Plenty”. Incidentally, it’s quite usual for CDRs to get rejected if not prepared appropriately, and if you are particularly concerned that your CDR report should turn out flawless, you might want to spare a few minutes to go through this post.

5 CDR Mistakes to Be Avoided By Engineers

Now when it comes, CDR reports one of the most frequently asked queries that engineers have is, what are the requirements of CDR Engineers Australia? Well, let’s start by stating that the authorities at the EA always seek only the most credible individuals to migrate to the country. That’s why Engineers Australia have specified the immigration requirements in their migration skills assessment booklet available on their website. So listed below are the primary requisites of a CDR report or Competency Demonstration Report according to Engineers Australia.

1. Your personal information which consists your birth certificate, passport, and other essential documents.
2. A proof of efficiency in the English language (the test scores for IELTS)
3. A properly updated copy of Resume which vividly elaborates on your employment and educational information.
4. Enrollment certificates, academic transcripts or additional documents
5. Documentary evidence for previous employment
6. A concise summary statement
7. Career episodes

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You may have witnessed that most of the requisites mentioned in the Competency Demonstration Report for immigration to Australia are depending on employment and legal information. The hardest possible section to prepare for a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the Summary statement and the Career episodes. Your CDR report should be focused on three practical assignments of engineering one for each of the career episodes. The quality of your CDR is determined by how well it satisfies the migration skills assessment requirements as emphasized by the Engineers Australia authorities. The summary statement cross-references the three career episodes of your CDR report. If your career episodes are incompetent, then your summary statement automatically becomes ineffective. That way your entire CDR report loses its credibility. You should take the greatest of care when presenting the three career episodes for your competency demonstration report (CDR report) for migrating to Australia.

When aiming for a dream start to a career in engineering, most engineers find Australia as highly promising in terms of career prospects. Now in order to unlock the career opportunities that Australia has in store, engineers are required to prepare stellar CDR reports to establish their credibility. However, in an attempt to present a remarkable CDR report in Australia, some engineers get carried away and commit several glaring mistakes which further leads to the rejection of their application. So now let’s dive in to discuss the common mistakes that the CDR help services in Australia always warn the candidates against while applying for the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment.

Breaking down one project to incorporate it into two Career Episodes

Many of the applicants commit this common error while preparing Career Episodes. They often present the same project separately in two divisions and add each section in each one of the Career Episodes. But as per the requirement elaborated by Engineers Australia, you need to describe one full project in each Career Episode. This is the reason many engineers applying for jobs in Australia choose CDR writing services to present a brilliant report. Mentioned below is an example why breaking down the same project doesn’t work in favor of engineers looking for opportunities in Australia.

An Engineer wrote his Career Episodes depending on the projects completed during the last two semesters of the course. These assignments were about the design and functioning of the wind turbine.

The first assignment was finished, when he was in the seventh semester. The assignment was about gathering sufficient information, putting together the literature review and the designing the wind turbine. Hence, he already elaborated about this assignment in his first Career Episode.

The second project went underway while he was in his eighth semester. In this assignment, he was required to offer a thorough analysis of the wind turbine, examine the turbine, and make changes in the design as per the requirements and finally observe the outcome and prepare a report on how the machine functions.

Although these two assignments were treated as separate and served different purposes for the course, he was taking. For EA, The two assignments are parts of one project since both of those were based on the design and construction of the wind turbine. The second assignment was ideally dependent on the first one. So, the EA authorities will count both the projects as one, and also that it was divided into two separate sections. So, it’s better to emphasize on the assignments in one Career Episode. If you are stuck with your CDR report, you can look for online services in Australia who provide CDR help to engineers.

 Preparing a Career Episode about group projects and activities

This is again a common blunder that people make. Elaborating on how your team or group worked on an assignment, overcame the issues and presented the final product, is not what the EA is looking for exactly. CDR is used to evaluate your skill and not the collective expertise of a group. It analyses the role you had in the assignment that you have presented, how you carried out your responsibilities, what issues you faced while working on your assignments, how you exercised your skills in decision-making etc. This is why you should write your CDR in the first person. For example, instead of saying, “That’s how we performed our responsibilities, say “This is how I carried out my responsibilities”. Now here’s an example of why including a group activity in your CDR isn’t a good idea.

An Engineer mentioned about a particular assignment that he submitted during his final semester. It was a group assignment, and specific sections of the project were distributed among the team members.

The responsibilities were divided as literature review, calculating the design process, assessment of the project, changes in the assignment, and choosing the elements, fabrication of the assignment, and finally examining or presenting the assignment.

Now the engineer was required to define his/her roles and responsibilities connected to the project, be it designing, or evaluating the turbine, in his Career Episode. But, instead of talking about his accomplishments, if the engineer starts explaining the work done by the entire group to finish the assignment, then his CDR won’t come across impactful. If you have any misconception about preparing a CDR, you can seek CDR help in Australia at an affordable cost.

Preparing a plagiarized paper from the samples available online

The CDR samples that are available on various websites are generally for reference purposes. The authorities of Engineers Australia would be able to detect if there is any sign of plagiarized content, considering there are multiple advanced software that can identify the inconsistencies in the paper. So, irrespective of whether you did it unknowingly or knowingly, chances are you’ll get caught. So just go through the online samples, gather some ideas from them and write your Career Episode and other aspects of the CDR in your own words. Alternatively, you can reach out to CDR report writing services to help you out in the process.

Using a different Language (Other than English) for writing your CDR

It is mandatory that you prepare you CDR document in English language only. In this case, it is always appreciated if you employ Australian English and apply it properly. In case if you presented your Career Episodes in some other language, then you have to translate your document to English. Otherwise, EA might not be able to analyze your CDR papers properly. If language isn’t your strong suite, you can hire professional CDR writers for assistance.

Grammatical, Punctuation and Spelling errors and inappropriate format of the report

When you submit your CDR paper to the authorities, you are typically handing over an official application, which is supposed to be prepared by a professional. So, you must be careful about its formatting, accuracy of its grammar, spellings and punctuation, and the relevance of the sentences. Most people are ignorant about this particular aspect. Always check that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes, issues with formatting or sentence construction. You are presenting your paper as a professional, so the treatment for these papers should also be thoroughly professional. These are simple mistakes, but they can be crucial for determining the success of your CDR.

  • Too many technical jargons:
  • It is necessary to describe some significant Technical details on your assignments, but offering too many complicated and technical information like charts, calculations, illustrations, and tables etc. on every section of assignment only minimizes the quality of the report. A CDR is aimed to offer precise information rather than descriptive details that are overwhelming for readers.

  • Using bullet points to offer information:
  • Many people choose to present the valuable details in bullet points when it should be elaborated in paragraphs. It is one of the most common demands of Engineer’s Australia. So, elucidate on your information and other additional details in paragraphs appropriately so that it is easily comprehensible. Also, you have to include information about duration, location, project objectives in chronological order. So if you’re an engineer looking for CDR help in Australia, you can seek credible online services to assist you.
    • Word Count:

    Engineers Australia has laid out certain rules for the number of words to be included in each section of CDR document. Each Career episode must contain more than 1000 words and shouldn’t extend beyond 2500 words. Offering excess details and making the paper extensive won’t necessarily help to achieve a positive outcome. So, you need to select the crucial information and produce them in a manner that it meets all the criteria of Engineer’s Australia.

    • Not maintaining a specific structure:

    While preparing the Career Episode section, the initial paragraph must consist of an introduction of around 50 words. The next paragraph should describe the background within 200-500 words, and the third paragraph is where the main text will feature, and finally, the summary of Career Episode is presented in about 50-100 word in the last.

    • Not emphasizing the Problem Statements:

    This is an extremely vital segment of a CDR paper. Always make sure to provide the problem statements within your Career Episodes, and also talk about the steps taken to fix them. The project you were associated with and your role in the project should form the primary focus of your Career Episode.

    • No information about the Design Activity:

    Design activities are given a great emphasis in CDR assessment. Lack of experience in designing may pose as a deterrent for your CDR to get selected by the EA authorities. Hence, elucidate on any creative technological and engineering experience you have acquired through the designing activities and ensure that you emphasize on it.