How to CDR Engineers Australia Selected?

The CDR or Competency Demonstration Report is the first step for the skilled engineers all across the globe to make their dreams come true of living and working in big Australian companies. The CDR is assessed by a team of select known as the EA (Engineers Australia).


This selection is done to check how competent the applicant is in resuming a career as an Australian company. CDR Engineers for migration to Australia is to be written only as per the EA standards and guidelines.The latest EA guidelines can be downloaded online from their official website by downloading the MSA Booklet.

Why CDR Engineers Australia Rejected?

Few reasons for the rejection of the CDR applications by the Engineers Australia (EA) assessors are as follows:
• Not following the EA guidelines
• Improper formatting
• Lack of indices
• The absence of essential document scans
• The absence of necessary evidence
• Presence of plagiarism
• Improper presentation of the Career Episodes, summary statement, and the CPD
• Irrelevant data and information
• Lack of enough evidence to substantiate the mentioned claims in the CDR applications
• Improper presentation of the various sections of the CDR- career episodes, summary statement and the CPD.

How to CDR Selected?

• Write the 3 Career Episodes in the first person and in the active voice. Write about your own role in the previous projects done by you under your own discipline. Here you need not to write much about your previous company, instead, write more about your own expertise and roles in those projects. The Career episodes are like big essays that narrate your own technical expertise. Thus, write it likewise.
• The Summary Statement is a list of all the project details mentioned in the 3 career episodes in the shortest manner. You need to write the whole summary statement in 1 paragraph and cover all the necessary things there.
• CPD or Continued Professional Development section of the CDR shows how you keep yourself updated with the latest development in your on core engineering field. Here you need to include your training venue, date, time duration, and title.
• Write the whole CDR in pure Australian English
• Enclose the scorecard of your English proficiency test of IELTS (if necessary)
• Never use plagiarism
• Proofread and edit the whole application very carefully in order to make it a hundred per cent free of any mistakes
• Keep yourself updated with the latest improvements in the EA guidelines and never miss any of them
• Emphasize on your own core competencies in the best manner to impress the EA selectors

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