CDR Agricultural Engineer Rejected by EA

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is essential for engineers who wish to move to Australia. The motivation behind CDR Report for Engineers Australia is to measure and help a great many professionals that apply for employments of whether they do have the domineering skills and the quality to work in Australia.

The CDR writing is a compulsory one for skilled experts who don't have a college degree from Australia. Experts having capabilities from nations that have participants from Washington Accord and Australian colleges are been relieved from this procedure.

There are some different causes on the basis of which your CDR rejected by EA.

  • Using of technical details such as tables, calculations, diagrams, and photos.
  • Write your data in form of bullets rather than the paragraph.
  • If you copy paste your academic and work project.
  • Writing a summary of one project into the second paragraph of Career Episode.
  • Focus on explaining your teamwork rather than what I did.
  • Make your CDR in other languages.
  • Write in other formats except for Australian English format.
  • You do not need to mention the problems you solved.
  • Do not add any detail of what you design.
  • These are the common mistakes that most users do while writing their Competency Demonstration Report for Australia.

    Agricultural Engineer CDR rejected by EA:

    CDR Agricultural Engineer rejected by Engineers Australia due to many reasons. The candidate has not followed the format of writing CDR identified by EA. Mostly CDR of Agricultural Engineers rejected due to the words they took from other candidates CDR. They copy the words and format of other applicants which ended up in the rejection.

    How to Avoid the Rejection of CDR by EA:

    If you are tired by rejecting again and again by EA, then it is better for you to contact with a person who is a professionally CDR writer. You just need to contact with him and give all of your data and he will make your CDR report professionally that cannot be rejected by EA. If you write your CDR by your own then you need to focus on the things which can cause rejection.

    There are some tips from the professional CDR writers to avoid rejection and make your CDR perfectly.
    • Before you start writing your CDR, it’s important for you to have an EA list in front of your eyes.
    • When you start writing your CDR you have to focus on the words you are using to write a CDR.
    • You do not need to use any extra vocabulary for your CDR preparation.
    • You need to write in simple Australian English Standard format.
    • British and Australian formats are similar to each other. So, be careful when you are writing.
    • You do not need to use any diagram and extra calculations in your CDR report.
    • Avoid to the copy paste and make sure the content you are writing in your CDR is totally based on your own words.
    • You have to tell them about your performance not what you did as a team.
    • They will notice the words you use to describe your skills such as ‘I did’, ‘I observed’, etc.
    • What you are writing in CDR about your qualification and experience you have to provide the proof also by attaching the attested copies of your documents with your CDR.

    By working on these tips share by the professionals you can avoid the rejection from EA