Does EA demand project reports for CDR?

CDR report as mentioned by the guidelines of Engineers Australia in the Migration Skill Assessment booklet has to be in a total page from 1000 to 2500 words. Expert CDR Writers help applicants in grafting the best possible reports for them which will definitely help in clearing the CDR assessment.

EA does not per say ask for project reports for the assessment. But, in the case of discrepancies, the EA may, in fact, ask applicants to come forward with project reports so as to match them to the submitted documents.

As the EA outlays, applicants have to categorically mention their career Episodes in the CDR report. Each career report should be included in a paragraph of its own. Only a brief outline of the project should be mentioned and not very detailed information which can be tedious and boring for the people at EA and ultimately result in an unprofessional report. Each CE should have a proper introduction followed by information of the exact role of the applicant in the particular project. Then it should end with a summary. But make sure that every important information does get included. It is strongly suggested to avoid usage of bullet points in the CE and to write it in the form of an essay.

Of course, it is self-evident that the EA guidelines and the ANZSCO code descriptions are the limiting factors in writing a CDR report. Hence applicants need to thoroughly go through them before writing their own report. At this point, an applicant will have to decide which part of their Career report is better suited for the competencies mentioned by EA and work on their report accordingly.

After completing the report it is highly advised to proofread the report for errors such a spelling mistakes and punctuation and such which on hindsight can be a damaging factor for the applicant if not taken care of. Applicants should also run their report in a plagiarism checking software just to make sure there are no unfortunate plagiarism flags being reported in their CDR report