WriteMyCDR Editing and Proofreading Service

We, at writemycdr.com , have highly professional and skilled team of engineers providing complete guidance and support in editing and proofreading the CDR provided by the client and prepare such a feedback report which 100% assure you membership of Engineers Australia based on requirements which are provided by you. We make sure that your CDR including Career Episodes and Summary Statement fulfill all the main elements which are required by Engineers Australia. We highlight your mistakes which can be made by lack of knowledge regarding CDR writing. Not only this but also make sure it is flawless and do not contain any punctuation, spelling, grammar, technical error which become a hurdle in your bright future. In this way we increase the rate of improvement in the structure of your Career Episodes and Summary Statement. CDR editing and proofreading is important to avoid loss of money and time. Our highly experienced Professional Engineers and Technical Writers who have prepared numerous winning CDR Reports are ready to check your already prepared Career Episodes, Summary Statement and Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) and provide you a reviewed and edited version of your CDR Report. In our Competency Demonstration Report editing and proofreading service, we make sure that your CDR report meets all the requirements of Engineers Australia. Review report is provided to guide engineers about missing elements in CDR, including; Three Career Episodes, CPD, and Summary Statement. We identify your mistakes (including; punctuation, grammar, structure, and technical requirements) as per the guidelines provides in the Migration Skill Assessment Book provided by Engineers Australia. In our Complete Technical Review Service, we identify, improve and remove missing elements and mistakes like Typing mistakes, spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Tenses. Why Take CDR Editing and Proofreading help from us?

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