Rejection Reason of Mechanical CDR


Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is to prove that you are applying your skills and abilities on daily basis. It is important to know that Career Episodes not only the assessment which gives details about your work. It includes all the data and elements.

Competency Demonstration Report is the shadow of your own experience, your engineering tasks on daily basis and your duties you perform related to your project. Mechanical engineer CDR should describe in your own words and totally based on your education, experience, and skills you have which you applied on your Mechanical engineering projects. The main thing in CDR is to write only about yourself using the words of ‘I planned’, ‘I did’, etc. you can also describe your work as a team member and your role towards your project as a team leader.

Typical Mistakes which cause Rejection:

  • • If you provide many practical details about your project without giving any description of your own performance. This will ended up in rejection.
  • • If you do not provide all the elements demanded by EA which includes in CDR. This kind of CDR report will fail the assessment
  • • If you do not write about your responsibilities in the field of Mechanical Engineering than EA will reject your CDR. You need to highlight the area how you work and what problems you solved.
  • • Mostly Mechanical Engineers do not know how to write CDR they write without knowing its boundaries. They do typical grammar mistakes and they write their CDR in other formats except for Australian English Standard Format.
  • • They finish their CDR in limited words less than 1000 words. They do the copy paste to make their CDR for saving their time and they have to face rejection.